Skygraphx is a clothing and design brand owned by Sky Shatz. Most shirts are designed and/or conceptoulized by Sky. The mantra for the brand is to produce thought provoking and unique designs on products - "Shocking imagery with a positive message". Basically if you've seen it before - you won't see it here. Started in late 2007, for the first few years all the shirts were screen printed by Sky as well - thanks Mom and Dad for giving up your garage! As the popularity of the brand grew, production was outsourced to professional screen printers (Located in the USA) which in turn provided better quality products and opened the flood gates for design capabilities. When Sky was printing, designs where limited to 4 colors due to only having a 4 color screen printing press.

Early days in Union Square, New York City - 2010

Now over 10 years since the garage days, for many years Skygraphx was based in Yonkers, NY. As of 2020, the company has relocated to Las Vegas, Nevada. Skygraphx is now a worldwide recognized brand seen in publications such as Inked Magazine, Vice Magazine, Newspapers, a plethora of online retailers and through client work for national headlining music acts like Nothing More, All Shall Perish and more. Skygraphx can also be seen in person at events throughout the USA at tattoo conventions, comic conventions, music festivals and the occasional street fair. Check the Tour Dates page to see when we're coming to a city near you.

Skygraphx at the Westchester Tattoo Expo - 2014

Sky has also started some side brands under Skygraphx - Fortune Killer and In Artists We Trust. For the first time they are all together with the redesign of the Skygraphx website. Check them out, they are unique from Skygraphx in aesthetic and brand concept.